Editorial Submission Guidelines

Please read these guidelines below before submitting any articles to us. By submitting articles for publication on the Designerzcentral.com website, you agree to our terms and conditions.

Designer central is here to take your writings that signify a variety of ideas, thoughts, and opinions. If you have a unique and interesting story to share with the world, then we are offering you the platform to get your story published.

Writing Guidelines

  • Due to the excessive request for content, we accept only sponsored posts.
  • Content must be unique and not be published anywhere else.
  • A title must be attractive and informative.
  • At least 500 words per post. The maximum limit is not defined.
  • No grammatical or spelling errors.
  • The article must have relevant pictures.
    • Promotional images like (offers, sales, watermarks, logos, etc) are not allowed.
  • Add 5 quality images to your article.
  • The image size should be (683×1024).
  • You may include 1 backlink to your website.
  • We need your short author bio and a headshot which would include links to your social media profiles.
  • We will consider opportunities for long-term partnerships that benefit our readers. 

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Your topics should revolve around follow:

  • Fashion news
  • Brand news
  • Brand parties
  • Men Fashion
  • Celebrity news & interviews
  • Living and lifestyle
  • Fashion Trends
  • Fashion Blog

Additional Guide

What we want from you!

What we want from you is quality content which should be powerful, lively, lucid and thoughtful which convey, inspire, persuade, and amuse our readers. Your topics should revolve around fashion, lifestyle trends, health tips, celebrity’s mode of living, travel ideas, book and movie reviews etc. we advise you to read some articles on our site to get an idea what we want from you.

Few things to keep in mind before getting started:

The first paragraph of your article should be attention-grabbing. You have to involve the people straightaway on your article please avoid using high vocabulary and complex words. You should use ordinary and simple words so even a layman can understand what you are up to.

You only got 3 seconds to keep the readers hooked. Use headings that spark interest and arouse emotions in the readers.

You need to relate your story with your topic and make it a must-read for our readers. You should have your point of view and your article should look unique.

You must not be too elaborative, your story should look like you are having a conversation. This will keep the people engaged.

Be optimistic, your writing should spread positivity among the readers. It must inculcate a spirit of motivation and encouragement in them.

Your sentence structure should be accurate and up to the mark. Grammar mistakes are not bearable at all.

Plagiarism or copy paste material is not acceptable for us. Before sending your story, make it sure that it should not be published anywhere and it should be original to the person. You can’t even restructure sentences.

Avoid using political and religious thoughts in your story. Your story won’t be published if it is inappropriate or hurts the sentiments of our readers.

We do reserve the right to remove low quality and low traffic guest posts at any point. Sponsored posts are the permanent ones and have guaranteed to be there forever on our website. 

And last but not the least; we will answer to those whom we think that their writings are up to the mark. Priority will be given to those writers whose writings met our standards and terms and conditions.